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Documents, SAS Files and Data Files for Stat 579

SAS Setup (where you install SAS on your PC)

If you are installing SAS on your own PC, store this in the root directory C:\

Instructions for setting up SAS when using the Apps server

If you are using SAS on the Apps server, store this in H:\My Documents\

(You must first rename the file to

ZIP File Containing all SAS Macros: SAS Stat
        (all files to be stored in the same location on your hard drive)

File illustrating  2 ways of creating a SAS data set from an ASCII file, 
and on using a permanent SAS data set stored in an external file (

Procedure for copying and pasting ODS Graphics.

  Documents, SAS files and Data Files
1 Exercise 6
     SAS Code
     Exercise 6b using SAS PROC IML
Exercise 7
     SAS Code
Example on assessing multivariate normality and checking for multivariate outliers
     SAS Code
2 Example 2.1 (including scatterplot matrices)
     SAS Code
Example using the SAS Macro that computes Confidence Intervals on Correlation r
     SAS Code
Exercise 8
     SAS Code
3 U. S. Navy Example
     SAS Code
4 Exercise 2
     SAS Code
5 Exercise 1
     SAS Code
Exercise 7
     SAS Code
6 Exercise 1
     SAS Code
Exercise 9
     SAS Code
Exam 1 Exam1
HATCO Data Set Description
7 Financial Data
     ASCII data set
     SAS Code
     Plot of Financial Data
Football Data
     ASCII data set
     SAS Code
Gambling Groups
     SAS Code
8 Example on Coronary Heart Disease (Excel file)
Example 8.1
     SAS Code
Exam 2 Exam2
Magazines SAS data set
SAS code for Magazines data set
French data set
Frenchtest data set
SAS code for inputting French data sets
9 Introduction to Cluster Analysis
     PCA Plots
          SAS Code
     Canonical Plots
          SAS Code
          SAS Code
Hierarchical Clustering Methods 
     Cluster Analysis of Languages 
     Ward's Method 
     Demonstration of all Methods 
      Determining the Number of Clusters 
     Calculation of Beale's pseudo F
Partitive Clustering Methods 
     k-Means Clustering 
     Demonstration of the Order Effect 
     Nonparametric Clustering 
     Fuzzy Clustering 
     Data Preprocessing using PROC ACECLUS 
      Cluster Analysis of Elongated Clusters
Profiling and Scoring 
     Profiling 1 
     Profiling 2 
     Scoring 1 
     Scoring 2
Clustering Variables 
     VARCLUS 1 
     VARCLUS 2
Multidimensional Scaling 
     MDS (Single Linkage Method)
10 SAS Macro for producing confidence ellipsoid for the mean of bivariate data Exercise 10.1, Parts acd
Homework on One-Sample Test for m
Data for Homework 11 (kites.txt)
Exercise 10.2
Exercise 10.8
Exercise 10.9
SAS code for testing the equality of 2 mean vectors assuming unequal covariance matrices
SAS Macro for producing simultaneous confidence limits for each of a set of p continuous variables
11 Example on 1-way MANOVA
Example on 2-way MANOVA
A Second Example on 2-way MANOVA
Exercise 11.2
Exercise 11.3
Exercise 11.5 
(Canonical variables created by PROC CANDISC)
Exercise 11.5f
Example on Repeated Measures - 1 within-subjects factor
Example on Repeated Measures - 2 within-subjects factors
Example on Repeated Measures - 1 between-subjects factor and 1 within-subjects factor
Example on Repeated Measures - 1 between-subjects factor and 2 within-subjects factors
12 Exercise 12.1
Exam 3 Exam3
SAS code for cleaning up the data set a bit
Sent Exam 3 results to Dr. Schmidhammer (

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